Qualifications and CPD


BA (Hons) Psychology and Health Studies - MMU

Diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage - SCMT

Certificate in Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release - SCMT

Introduction to Hands Free Massage with Darien Pritchard - MTI

Safe Stretching and Range of Movement workshop - SCMT

Introduction to MFR with Jane Midgley - MTI

Reiki Seichim Usui Level II Attunement - Wolf and Flow

Amber Ainsworth - Massage Therapist


I help people de-stress, unwind and find relief from pain and discomfort they thought they were stuck with.

I treat the whole body: looking for the cause of the problem, and not just addressing the symptom. A quick postural assessment can help me work out where to start - did you know your knee pain might be because of your ankles? Or neck pain caused by a pelvic tilt? Often you might find the culprit on the opposite side of the body to the pain, and the discomfort is caused because it is doing all the work to compensate for the real issue! I have successfully treated conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, as well as many general ‘aches and pains’ that we just accept as ‘the norm’.

Clients normally find they have a much better night’s sleep after a good massage and often will feel benefits straight away: usually commenting on how much looser they feel, and often finding that muscular pain has gone.

I use several different modalities - including therapeutic and deep tissue massage, direct/indirect myofascial release, unwinding, mobilisation, and stretches. My intuitive approach, combined with my love of yoga and integrating reiki healing, equals a uniquely tailored treatment, every session.

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