"Making sense of it"

Meet Jayne


I have a wealth of experience in management positions across differing industry sectors - private, public and commercial: I bring this along with my specialized training and experience to the therapy room.


My passion lies in helping people find ways to manage the day-to-day pressures of modern life and enabling them to find a better work-life balance.  

"People don't come to Therapy to change their past, but their future."

Milton H. Erickson

Meet Andrew
My experience comes mainly from managing people in Marketing and Communications. I've worked for large and small businesses as well as a Consultant. When managing teams of people I witnessed first hand how stress, motivation and anxiety can affect the health and wellbeing of those people.  It was at this time that I first witnessed the positive benefits of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the realisation that you don't have to do everything the same way as those around you to achieve the results you require.